Making Masters

Becoming a Superlearner

I will increase the speed and quality of my information consumption so I can use a more diverse set of research sources in my teaching to others. In addition to mastering specific subject matter, I want to be able to make more masters (by educating and coaching others). This requires fitting more reading into my limited free time, as well as improving comprehension and recall.


  • By July 31st, I will increase my reading speed to be able to complete one 200-page book + two news periodicals in 5 hours (approaching 300 wpm), with at least 80% retention, allowing me to fit this into my M-F workweek.
  • By August 30th, I will increase my reading speed and comprehension to be able to complete a technical 300 page book in under 4 hours, with at least 90% retention, allowing me to do deep research on a topic in a single day.
  • By September 31st, I will be able to read a 2400 word article in 5 minutes, with at least 70% retention (approaching 600 wpm), so I can quickly consume longform articles on websites before determining if they are worth sharing or adding to research files.


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