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Making Marks

Collecting references. I love messy hand drawn letters.


I also included the work of Ed Fella (bottom right) whose lettering is so wonky and uncohesive it makes me uncomfortable.

Sitting on the front stoop with my dog and sketchbook. Starting to make marks, play, allowing myself to not try and make my type look perfect. I have a bunch of felt tip pens of different widths that i love writing with!


Playing with different surfaces:


Got some great feedback from James, reminding me to be bold (totally agree). I went back and took a closer look at Ben Shahn's marks, and started to mimic those:


His writing has no curves, which led me to play with duct tape like James did in some of his work.


I got some fat tip markers and a few different color papers (24x36). I took an xacto to my sharpie magnum to rough up the strokes. The white acrylic paint pen is 15mm (I love the way the tip is shaped on that one- smoother to work with).



I put my poster up in my workspace, daily reminder!

Working like this was completely out of my comfort zone and a great way to get away from the computer and experiment with tools and surfaces.


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