Making Many Mini-goals

A new part of my plan is to keep this mantra going in my head:

My body is awesome just the way it is.

I need to make changes to be more awesome in living, not to make my body better. My body is awesome just the way it is.

The plan: 

Consistency. Try each step for one full week, then add another if it was completely successful.

I'm planning on making lots of mini-goals and working towards consistency. [They are really lifestyle changes more than end goals].
Each goal I will try to meet for a week straight.
Then I will add the next goal while continuing the previous goal.
I will make each goal very small and seemingly super easy to complete.
Thus at the end of my list, I will be doing much more of what I want consistently!

Some goals:

  • Wake up with sun-lamp every day
  • Take iron every day
  • Take Vitamin D every day
  • Take Multi-Vitamins every day
  • Measure and record Weight every day/once a week?
  • Measure and record BodyFat% every day/once a week?
  • Workout 3+ times per week
  • Track calorie intake
  • Eat correct portions
  • Workout multiple muscle groups
  • Eating more healthy foods

The end changes I want:
More energy/wakefulness
Eating Healthy
Picking and working towards a body fat percentage


Update 1/16/13

So far I have completed two weeks of my goals. 

My demo goal was waking up with my sun-lamp everyday (something I was mostly doing regularly before). Then I added taking my iron pill every single day. This was so simple as to be easy for at least a week, but I can already tell that keeping it simple was a great way to go. It's easy to be lazy even about something as easy as that! With it being my only goal though, I felt too silly to ever not complete it.

Update 1/24/13

Still going strong. Everytime I feel too lazy to do something, it's just too silly to not go quickly do. Many of my goals (especially to start with) take little effort and not much time. Just getting those habits down. And the skill of getting habits down can stretch to things that take more time, more effort, or both.

Sun-lamp: Successful
Iron pills: Successful
Vitamin D: Successful
Multi-Vitamins: Current


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