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Hannah Concannon

Artist, Chameleon, Master of Disguise



Making Lines

I usually work with pencil or face paint, so making the switch to permanent pen was, to say the least, anxiety inducing. However, I found these rapid fire drawings super freeing. I stopped worrying about making the perfect line and just made whatever line I felt like. 

Here are the results. 

I usually work small, so for the stand up drawing I decide to go HUGE (Okay, 3ft by 4ft, but still, that's big for me) I seem to have a thing for faces, so my first random squiggles turned into a big ole face:

I liked it so much I did another:

I really loved drawing to music. This one was from jammin' out to Disclosure:

And these from a Spotify "Essential Deathmetal" playlist:

My favorite two drawings came from rotating the paper to form the framework of the drawing. Here we have a quizzical face:

And a beaming George Washington:

I did many blindfolded drawings, however my favorite were my self portraits. With my eyes closed I decided to cover the page in selfies:

And finally, here's the drawing I made while talking to my mom about Christmas:

All in all I felt like I really grew from this class and look forward to making more huge stand up drawings. 


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