Making Jewelry

Making Jewelry - student project

Set 2: rethinking of concept 

I went to jewelry school in Florence.

When I didn't have any ideas, I used to go to the city and look at the architecture, window frames, and people, etc. In Florence, there is art everywhere. I loved to walk around the city listening to music.


Set 2: Free sketch 

Making Jewelry - image 1 - student project

Set 2: Final work 

Making Jewelry - image 2 - student project



Set1:  Free sketch 
Making Jewelry - image 3 - student project


set1:  Final work

Making Jewelry - image 4 - student project



Making jewelry 

Specific Experience
"Things I loved when I was a jewelry maker in Florence"

List A (nouns)
- pliers 
- jeweler's saw
- hammer 
- wax tube
- flex shafts
- gemstones

- headphones 

List B (more abstract concepts to illustrate)
- finding out beautiful motifs in the town (window frames, door handles, historical artifacts, etc..)
- when polished my works perfectly 
- to admire gemstones
- singing while making 
- the moment the parts are brazed together 
- to buy new tools and gemstones 

- looking at someone puts my jewelry 

List B... I don't feel like I can express them in illustrations...

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