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Making Headway

Fact: Professor Burton is an EXCELLENT teacher.

Here's how I started my project:

I do love Field Notes, but this is not product placement. I took my dandy notebook to sketch out my initial ideas.


I wanted to draw something that would symbolize my current working state. I'm busting my butt writing, coding, designing.

Fact: I don't know how to spell idiom. Minor dyslexia? Here's proof ↓ ↓ ↓ !


I wrote a few idioms, settled on "making headway" and started my rough sketch.

Fact: This sketch was completed in one minute forty two seconds. I was in a rush because the final illustration was going to be used in an email newsletter the same day.


Next, I got my paper, pencil, ruler, Micron and Sharpie to begin.


I decided to draw in landscape orientation. I measured the center at 5.5 inches and 1 inch inward from the left and right edges of the paper. I made a simple centered rectangle.


Fact: I have a round head.

I already have a good idea what I want the final to look like and wanted the head of the little dude to be a circle. I found a button that fit the proportions perfectly. I flipped it upside down and drew a circle.


I used the circle as the base and drew the rest of the body. I brought the ruler back and made some lines for the laptop and the chair.

Fact: The guy's right arm is longer than the left.


I refined the lines a little more and curved the edges...


Fact: I don't know why I thought I'd use a Micron for this.

Sharpie action...


The desk is a little empty so I made a few things to place on top of it.



This one will be my coffee mug. One circle will be filled in digitally 


I scanned all of my Sharpied pieces. The next step was to vector them, place the additional stuff on the desk, add tiny bits of shadowing, fill/color and "pathfinder" everything — all in Illustrator...


Fact: The background was originally going to be pink. 

Other fact: It didn't happen.

I separated all of the colors,  and printed out...


I followed Mikey's steps on his MIND BLOWING texturing technique...


Fact: The copier must've had some ultra-sticky toner. The texturing didn't work :(

Fact-on-top-of Fact: I shrugged my texture pains off and decided to scan the print-out. I used a copier/printer/scanner combo and the results were great! I got a nice grainy effect, so I ran with it.


I followed Mikey's magic Photoshop wisdom and started putting the pieces together.

Rookie tip: Make sure you aligh and separate your layers far enough apart, or you get this:


I re-followed steps E through G, or whatever, and I got this:


I was happy with it and used it immediately to send an email out to my mailing list.

Rookie tip: Make sure to read and re-read what you write to find typos and grammatical errors!


To complete the project, I added the words "Making Headway" following steps A through Z again (I think it's Z). I kerned the letters and adjusted in Illustrator.



Here's the final piece! Thanks, Mikey!




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