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Getting crafty with felting and textiles



Making Felt Beads - 'sushi rolls'

This will be the first class I will be teaching with Skillshare, and am doing the October Challenge. 

I have been felting for about 3-4 years now and one of the comments I often get is that people are to nervous to give it a try as they think it is going to me really time consuming and difficult.

I make jewellery (necklaces and earrings) with these beads, but the possibilities for using them are endless are endless - they could be used as buttons, threaded together to make coasters/table mats/chair seat covers/incorporated into other projects...the list goes on!

I will be inviting students to make their own beads and show what they can make using them.

Video lesson outline and class project - outline template

16/10/2016 - I have now uploaded my class intro to YouTube https://youtu.be/-y9e7U2K4H0. I have to admit I felt ridiculous whilst filming so any feedback welcome!

31/10/2016 - all published and now live! http://skl.sh/2e1QO9k. Didn't think I was going to finish with having to record all the lessons as well as getting to grips with editing tool over this weekend, but i did it!


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