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Making Beats In 2015

 My day job is in construction, It pays my bills =D I thought why not turn this into a quick construction zine. Well it didnt work as well as I had originally planned. :( Only the cover turned out alright.

I started running out of ideas, I also couldnt figure out how to simplify each scene, so I decided to try another idea.

Photos of construction zine attampts below, in sketch form---->




  This is how far I got on the vector construction zine, the blue thing is a Dehumidifier & an industrial Fan.

Front Cover has an Olfa Blade, Red Pry Bar, Chalk Line.

Page 1: Work order, Page 2: inside work van. Page 3: Clients Home


Long story short, after sharing my idea with a family member I felt as though my construction zine wasnt very relatable to others. Then I remebered that when I get creative block in illustrator I tend to write music or create beats to clear the mind. 


I then decided to make the zine about Making Beats in 2015, As music is obviously a lot more relatable. 

In comparison to the construction zine, the beats zine was less of a struggle to complete.


Making A Beat In 2015: (In written Scene form)

  • title (daw/controller)
  • Computer, controller, keyboard, mouse (home studio)
  • searching Youtube for instrumental jazz samples
  • searching sample files on computer library for sounds to sample
  • Cut samples in controller as waveforms, layer over drums
  • listen & adjust beat on studio Headphones
  • upload song to Soundcloud for sharing

Thanks for checking out my first zine attempt! Hopefully my ideas have transferred correctly for everyone to understand. Your thoughts & advice are much appreciated!


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