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Making Art Every Day

This is my very first "painting" I share on the internet, I'm quite shy and one of my biggest fears is to share what I do with the world...My goal with this class is to practice as much as I can and lose this fear I have...and who knows maybe someday I'll become a good artist. Thank you very much for this class...I'll do my best! :D

Day # 1

I used Windsor & Newton Inks in Deep Red and Purple and I also used white acrylic.


Day # 2

The little paper I got is fruit...and I must say that I loved it...I enjoyed this project from start to is not perfect but I'm starting to feel comfortable doing this. My favorite thing about this project is that I learned to play with what I already have at my desk...I forgot that you don't need fancy tools to have fun and get creative.


Day # 3

This was super challenging for me, making a drawing in just 4 minutes it is something that I wouldn't do just like that. Thankfully the prompt list made the desicion for me and the rest was easy. I felt a rush like when you're about to meet someone you haven't seen in a long time. It was awesome!


Day # 4

So I had to draw at the park was pretty weird...and I was dying of embarrasement...mostly because some people asked me...Ooohh you draw?...And I didn't know what to say...They only thing I said is "I'm learning"...after a few minutes it was ok I didn't feel that bad...I don't know if I'm mentioned that I'm very shy...and this was something huge for me...I'm going to keep on trying to draw outside to overcome this hideous fear :(


This is honor of my beautiful kitty Tangerine...she passed away a few months ago :(

Day # 5

I'm very glad I took this class, this have helped me a lot...I still have a lot to learn...and now I know that I must practice everyday to get better and better at this...the prompt list make this so easier for me and  I will definitively continue to do this every day!



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