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Makes me want the clothes

I've ordered clothes from StitchFix before. How it works is, when you sign up for an account, you choose a specific style profile for yourself, and then a stylist picks out clothes for you and mails them to your door. So, being the marketer I am, I know that they know what my style profile looks like, and I know all of the email marketing trickery used to get people to buy, but these emails are very effective—even on me. They have selected images of clothes based on the season and my specific style preferences. Then they pair those images with content that says "This could be in your next fix". It works like magic because I drool over what they have selected for me and it tempts me to schedule my next clothing delivery. It's very, very, targeted. The email also looks very stylish and the button is prominently placed in a bright trendy color calling out to me.

Here's the email in it's entirety


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