MakersIRL - student project

Get out of the office and into the workshop.

Sure, you make a lot of cool stuff online. Like everything these days, though, your brain has an update available.

Spend a few hours using your hands in the workshop and increase your brain's ability to create when back online.

Misc: Use your hands to build something simple at a three-day workshop - a chair, table, a picture frame. Upgrade your brain's OS by creating IRL and be a better maker when working online.

Boost your brain's synapses to connect thoughts & ideas.  Making things in real life helps broaden your scope of creativity and helps connect ideas to further your online creativity.  The activity and use of both mind and body, makes imaginative online endeavors much more engaging.

Coding, IRL.

Like coding, with a power saw.

Kienan Clute
Online Sales at Apple