Maker's Marks

Maker's Marks - student project

I've been wanting to try my hand at digital fabric printing. I'm hoping this course will give me the kick to get me started!

My personal design aesthetic leans more towards hand drawn, geometric lines rather than the (beautiful) nature inspired patterns that other members have created. My collection of images should hopefully show this off!

Maker's Marks - image 1 - student project

Taking notes from my collection of images, I ignored Elizabeth's advice to avoid using the Image Trace feature - I wanted to keep the uneven, imperfect nature of drawing lines by hand.

Maker's Marks - image 2 - student project

Keeping things simple, the hand drawn shapes and lines were arranged in a seamless repeat pattern. With the pattern being less busy, they fall more into the "blender" category. I also introduced a general plan for a colour palette - the moodboard is black, white and blue.

My personal favourites are the overlapping patches of crosshatching, as well as the asterisks!

Maker's Marks - image 3 - student project


Maker's Marks - image 4 - student project

I got my favourites digitally printed on to fabric! I chose to print on a cotton lawn so these have a nice light, floaty quality to them. Looking forward to 


More coming soon!