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Makers Gonna Make

This is the phrase I chose to hand letter - it's short, sweet and to the point.  I came across it through these temporary tatoos from Tattly designed by Jude Landry and wanted to put my own interpretation into the phrase.

Here's the inspiration board I made over on Pinterest for my project - I was especially inspired by the "Flint Handmade"poster - that's the purpose I envision for my project as well, a poster advertising a craft fair or event.  I wanted to draw from the long history and traditions of different ways of making (knitting, drawing, sewing, etc) and put a modern twist on it - combining new & old.  

This is my warm up & a few doodle trying to work out ideas: 

(sorry for the sideways photos - it automatically turned them when I uploaded them, not sure why...)

Here's my thumbnails - they're pretty rough, but I decided to go with the one in the middle on the right - I really liked the way the bounding shape looked and wanted to flesh that out a bit...

And here's that sketch - it's still a little rough, but overall I really like how it's looking so far...I want the pencil/pen and scissors images to fill up their corner spaces a bit more like the other corners.  I'm also imagining this with texture and color to fill the white space a bit more...

Here's an inked version - inking on tracing paper is ridiculous! Ha!  It was a lot harder than I thought - it would be nice to use regular paper and a light table...

Inked version 2 - with a different pen and just outlines of the large letters...I can't wait to add some color!


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