Maker Collaborative Tool

My goal is to creat a very simple interactive tool for makers that connects the community with tools, resources, people, and projects. 

This began as an Industrial Design Thesis project 5 or 6 years ago. I did a beta site by teaching myself Drupal- enough so to hack together the intial site.. I had the help of a friend who partnered a bit too- she was doing web design for a non-profit and took it on as a challenge becase she believed in the idea, and I was able to pay her a little along the way.. not really the amount she deserved. We had a really great time putting what we did together. I think what we did, and how we worked were good examples of the type of collaboration it  takes to do anything worthwhile these days.. 

Since, the idea of the site and collaboration as a norm has caught on. There were sites that were developed after I made my beta that were aiming at the same thing. but I still don't think it has been done in a way that can make it a sincerely simple, useful tool for those that want to work face to face as much as connect and share online. 

inlcuding a vimeo link that helps explain. They are a bit long and tedious, so fast forward to different parts to get an idea.. beginning is best for general idea. later is going through the site.. 


also a flickr site that has some of the early images of screenshots, etc: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/page168/

scroll throught the earlier pages before and after the link to get an idea.. there is other stuff in there - just jump around to relevant site images. would love to pick stuff out to put in here, but would rather get busy learning with the little time i have. will maybe upload some more stuff later.. 

also current re-build of drupal site i adopted for another project i am working on called Philly Works @ phillyworks.net. I have to add you to the site as a member to access the database portion, which has been greatly simplified. Let me know if your interested, and I'll add you.. Had to do this to limit robot applicants. There is also the thesis book (which is admittedly pretty rough that can give more idea of overall development and backing arguments @ http://www.willworks.org/design/mid-thesis--okwagon/

The goal is to make a site that can serve as a local database but can also be uplifted to any city/ town and serve the same purpose.. Would like to keep it open source in some capacities.. And also figure out a way to make it pay for itslef plus a little more for beans and rice and the occasional field trip+

sorry for the long explanation.. its late and i'm word salad right now.. good luck to everyone who is attampting to learn how to hack some nifty things together!



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