Make your own wire bead statement necklace

Hi I've been creating wire jewellery for some time and I just love playing with wire and beads. In this class you will learn how to create your own free form wire beads and use them to make a cool statement necklace. While doing this you will learn some basic wire work techniques and have fun designing your necklace. You can add pendants or other beads to your necklace which is threaded on to leather or braided cord and is adjustable so you can wear it long or short and it will fit all sizes. All materials and tools are readily available in craft/hobby stores or online, as are beads if you choose to use them. I love going through the old jewellery in thrift/charity shops where you can find lovely unique beads to use - often the jewellery is outdated or broken, so you can up-cycle the beads or pendants to make your necklace.

The wire beads came about when I saw some similar beads and went straight home and played around with some wire and an old knitting needle which I used as a mandrel (a mandrel is a tool for wrapping wire or metal sheets to create a round shape, e.g. a ring, bracelet or bead)  for the beads. The beads became more and more free form until they took the form they have now, but I encourage you to play around with them and come up with your own look (I can't wait to see your finished statement necklace - your project for this class).

Below is a link to the Class Outline:


Here is a link to my Introduction video:


I've just added a Google doc on my own project for this classhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1XBKxXHjJiO9ZMuRq-gklgTCmJkzIOAkTelPApJT1Ezk/edit?usp=sharing

 All videos are now up!

I will update this project as I work through it. Here are some examples of the wire beads, some with added small beads to add focus and interest:



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