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Make your own vegan pancakes

I am participating in the July Challenge to publish my first course, How to Make Vegan Pancakes, on Skillshare. Here is the project I have planned for the class.

If you want to go the easy route, you can just follow the recipe (attached) and make the very same pancakes I made in this class. But, how about if you get a bit adventurous and think about adding some fruit -- maybe blueberries -- or chocolate chips!

Take pictures along the way!

  • Let us see what griddle you are using.
  • Let us see your lumpy batter.
  • Let us see your "test batch" or test pancake.
  • Let us see the bubbles coming up through your pancakes on the griddle.
  • Let us see your golden brown hotcakes.
  • Let us see you licking the batter from the bowl or with batter on your nose.

Tell us how you set the dials on your stove.

Tell us what other flours you have tested.

Tell us what other non-dairy milks you have tested.

Tell us about your experiments, whether successful or failed.


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