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Let's make cartoons!



Make your own musician

   Are you ready for the New Year? I think we absolutely must make a New Year concert. With songs, jokes and dancing chickens. I have already done something. Please visit my site where in "Downloads" section you can find the models of chickens and rooster. So you too can take part. Let's have a contest for the best dancing chicken!


   Hello everybody!

   This is my first tutorial made especially for Skillshare. To be more precise – I’ve got here another class, but it's just my early lessons made a long time ago for YouTube. In my classes I use animated characters who tell about how to work in Adobe After Effects and other programs. I think this is the best way of presenting information, especially for young students. But not just for the young. If you want to try to use cartoon characters to create your own lessons - write to me. I'll try to help you with creation of your own character, and maybe even we will do some lesson together. And now I ask you to see the results of my labors.

  In this class we’ll be making musicians for our own cartoon rock band. Here’s our bass guitar man. All the models you can find in the downloads of my classis. This is video footage. 

   To tell the truth, I love video more then GIFs. There is a sound ...


  But I make GIFs too. This is GIF wich I made of this fotage


Vasya the drummer


  Kenny Pianist


   In the end we can take all our musicians and make of them a musical clip like this.I think this style suit us very well. It is good that there are a lot of flashes of individual clips - just what we need. We can show the work of all participants of the project (I mean those who want to participate)))). We'll tell the world what we're doing here on Skilsshare. It seems to me - it would be interesting. What are you thinking about this project?

I allredy made background for our music video


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