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Make the Very Best Art Supplies Series- Chapter One-My Secret Recipe for The Very Best Paper Paste That Is the Foundation for Paper Mache, Light Gesso, Medium Gesso, Heavy Gesso, Mouling Air Dry Clay

This is chapter one in a series of classes I will teach that use this amazing kitchen made glue as one of the necessary ingredients for creating a variety of gesso mediums, air drying clay that is tint- able as well as it takes paint easily after you have molded it into the shape you want, even when it has not dried yet.  This glue is able to work well as a strong glue to hold paper mache items together, as well as works wonderful on paper for an art journals, this glue is my very favorite to use.  It is non-toxic and is made in the kitchen.  I have perfected the recipe and I know that it will stay mold free for over a year, as that is how long that I have been able to keep mine before using it up. The secret recipe of essential oils keeps it from spoiling, as well as from attracting bugs.  I will share with you the brand of oils I use, which oils and how many drops I add to my recipe as well as when I add them because all of that information makes this glue recipe THE VERY BEST EVER!, for using when you are making any kind of art with paper products.  Below you will see a variety of some of the projects I have created using this recipe.  Many of them are over 2-3 years old now and are just as strong as the day I made them.

I know that there are lots of recipes out there but after trying a lot of them out and watching those recipes fail to endure the test of time because the glue either attracted bugs or grew mold in less than a week, I knew I needed to use my chemistry studies of essential oils to create a super powered paper glue to combat those issues.  Then I needed to see how it endured over the test of time.  A lot of the images you see in these pictures below are over 3 years old and they have endured perfectly.

PLEASE NOTE- If you want to be included in a drawing for a free shipment of a batch of pre- packaged ingredients to make this amazing glue,here are the 3 rules- 1-Complete the class, 2-Leave a positive review and 3-Post and share your project in the class on FB and on Twitter, or any other social media platform.

In the image below is a journal cover of a book I made from a cereal box.  The edge of the cover and the binding are fabric that I have first glued on with this recipe and then painted over with acrylic paint and applied mod podge.



Above is a tuna can lid that I first applied a layer of paper to with the glue and then painted on it with acrylic paint before it had dried and then after it had dried, I glued the paper word strips on with the quote.  Then the whole thing is covered with a clear coat once it was completely dry.


Above is my art journal where I glue a scanned and printed pieces of my art that was printed on copy paper.  It works wonderful on paper on paper application, no matter how thin or thick the paper is and dries wonderfully without many ripples as it spreads on so thinly.  And it holds way better than a glue stick!

Below is a tuna can that I made for a friend for their wedding.  It worked wonderful as a 3 D box for my little drawings.  It is first covered in a layer of paper and then painted it.  I am excited to share with you that I will be teaching a class on paper mache too.  I love how it works well for a little shadow box for my simple art doodles.


Below is a house I was beginning to paint that is made from a milk carton.  I want you to look closely because I am so proud of the the smoothness of it.  You can't see the strips of paper that have been glued to it because this glue penetrates the paper so well without causing it to be a wet, sloppy mess that takes forever to dry, like other kitchen made paper glues out there. I was making this house to look like a brick house that someone had painted over with yellow paint.  I plan to re-create it in my paper-mache class that I will be teaching soon.  You will see how easy it is to turn containers that we usually toss, into maketable art pieces that you can sell- (something I plan to do when my babies get older).


O.K., off I go into the kitchen to make a new batch of the glue so that I can get going on my first class.  I am so excited to share my secrets with you! 

Hope to see you in this class!

Oh, one more thing, if you are new to SkillShare, and would like to take this class for free, please contact me as I have a limited amount of free tickets available.

Wish me luck! ;P


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