Crista Alejandre

Digital illustrator



"Make space."

My project uses a quote I heard at a museum conference recently, by museum director and author Nina Simon. It's about taking risks, letting go, and seeing how things play out in museum work--something that is more difficult and rare than you might think! But this is about lettering, so:

Brainstorming and sketching: 

Clean sketch, inking, and editing:

I used this page to re-do some letters I wasn't happy with, later on.

Fully inked with a Micron.

And experimenting with some textures. 


I was not planning to color this, so I thought reversing the colors would be a nice way of making it look chalkboard-y yet finished. This is almost the final version, except I didn't like how white the "space" block was.

So here is the final version:


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