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Make music for 30 minutes after work each day

Ive been making music for fun for over 10 years. I now do video production for a living, but still aspire to become a established musical artist. Practically all of my dreams revolve around it! Sometimes I feel like I put so much pressure on myself about the quality of my music, that I can get frustrated easily when I dont make something good. over the years this has led me to not make music unless Im in "the flow". 

Main point is, I need to be in the habbit every single day. My goal is to make 30 minutes of music after I finish work each day. I know that doesnt technically involve weekends, but I figure its a great way to keep the habit going during the week and I'll be doing it on the weekends anyways. 

Good luck guys! I could use feedback if you have any! Thanks!


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