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Make it so

About my quote

I just started the project, I've picked my sentence  "Make it so" because I am a Star Trek nerd, and also it can be a good inspiration sentence for creative types.  I am now playing with lettering, have a couple ideas sketched out for layout, but it really depends on style of type I choose to use... still playing! 


This weekend I am working on collecting references and to continue drawing out ideas. My brain is on overdrive now after going through references and idea lists and all I want to do now is watch old Star Trek episodes :( but I will get to work instead! Here is my pinterest board for this project...

and a little screen capture to make this post more interestings.

There is so much great Star Trek fan art out there! 

Playing with letters and

This past weekend I did a lot of drawing, working on my words and trying to come up with a concept.  I drew my words in many different ways and than played with some designs for the complete image.  Then I went back to my drawn words to see what would fit best.  It might be a backwards way of doing it, but as an illustrator it worked for me! 

I like the bottom design for the completed image best, but still not sure what style of text I will use, that's what I am playing with now, so I will probably have a few more designs to draw and post before I decide! 

Clean roughs

Time for some clean roughs.  First, thank you for the comments on my thumbnails. I do indeed like the bolder sans serif for the word MAKE. From that I have a few examples of clean roughs. 

Rough #1

Rough #2  ~ same as above but with the double line on the word "make".  I like this one better than the first. I see it maybe being a lighter version of the make colour (blue "make" with lighter blue edges, don't know yet if it will be blue, just giving an example)

Rough #3 ~ introduced some 3D effects for the word so, since this is when the ship would go into warp drive...

Rough #4 ~ made "make" a little chunckier, and made it the word that is popping out a bit.  I don't know about this one though, I feel like make having the movement before So when it's just the beginning of the sentence doesn't work, like the timing is off or something...

I am leaning towards rough #3... what do you think?!  I think I need to make the "it" a tiny bit larger on #3, and maybe bring the planet up a little so that the lines feel like they would meet with the rest of the swoosh shape on the left if they were to join. 

Revised sketch (I think maybe my final rough!)

I really like this one, I made "it" larger and faded some of the warp drive lines so that it's more noticable, not just a design element anymore but actual readable text! (kind of the point right?!) I think I am about ready to start inking it! Huzzah! 

Revised revised sketch

I fixed the M as suggested and like it a lot more now, and as Deepa suggested my "So" was only flying at warp 3 when it should look like warp 9 (see how I did that? Letting my inner nerd out!) So I tried to fix that with less shading and more line work. I also beefed up the "it" so that it won't be lost in my new warp lines.  I hope it worked! I feel like I am ready to ink! 


I don't know how many of you have started inking yet, but Mary Kate makes it look a lot easier in her video than it is in real life! I went through  A LOT of paper, practiced great restrait at not just doing it all digitally and for some reason held my breath while doing any long lines... but it is done! all by hand! and more than anything I want to colour it. 

Here are my 2 work pages (as you can see corrections all over the place!)

And my final(s) I ended up doing three because I found the warp lines very dark (again, I keep picturing this in colour so they wouldn't be a jarring, but there you have it). So I did one with my original amount of lines and one with less.  As a line drawing I like the one with less, but I don't know when it comes to colouring it which I will prefer! 

even looking at them here, I am not sure about the warp lines... I would probably just do colour blocks and not have any lines at all!  If I needed to pick one of these three, I would go for the middle one, not too many lines, not too few...opinions?!

Final coloured illustration

It's done! I did it! and I am excited about how it turned out.  I went with line art #2
It was the happy medium between too much and too little (no this isn't a 3 bears quote!).

Now the trick was to keep the line work present without it looking too retro since Star Trek TNG was very polished, shiny, clean looking.  I love the roughness of the pen line on paper instead of digital perfect clean lines... I know I know, I was the one talking about jumping to the computer! I've been converted! Although I wish my ink pen came with an "undo" button. 

So I decided the roughness would stay and the thing that would bring it back to the TNG series would be the colours I chose.  "Make" became Captain Picards uniform colour (since it's his quote). "So" is the warp drive and the insignia and "it" became gold. A very primary palette, but it works! 

some close ups (because I like the textures!)

So there it is! My completed project.  Thank you all for your feedback, this is a wonderful group, and a terrific idea for a site to help develop new skills.  Mary Kate, I will still be signing up for your next course on colouring, I am sure I have things to learn! In the mean time, I have a Firefly quote that's itching to be my next "for fun" project ;) 


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