Make it: Fabric House Advent Calendar

Make it: Fabric House Advent Calendar - student project

Hi Everyone

Last year we made this cute advent calendar out of paper and card on our blog,  We thought it would make a great class to show how to make something similar using fabric.  It would teach some great hand and machine sewing skills, as well as showing people a great way to use up their fabric scraps.  Being made from fabrics, it would mean that it would be more durable to use year after year as an heirloom.  It would also be great to get the kids involved in decorating their own houses. For anyone who didn't celebrate advent the same idea could be used to make a simple gifting garland. 

We also loved the idea that it can be filled with different things other than traditional sweets. We loved the idea of filling it with activities to do each day, or Christmas decorations to hang on the tree? We thought we could include a video on how to fill it and alternative options.

here is the link to our class intro:  I still need to add some pictures of the final project in there, But I am new to editing so still figuring it out as I go at the moment. 

EDIT We have published our first class, I'm sure it's not perfect but it was such a great experience and we have learnt a lot through the process to take forward into future classes. 

Check out class here

Here is a photo of our paper version from last Christmas to give you an idea of what we have planned for our class. 

Make it: Fabric House Advent Calendar - image 1 - student project

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