Make fitness a lifelong habit

Make fitness a lifelong habit - student project

I never really did anything athletic growing up, and when I did Ultimate Frisbee in college I never really concerned myself with improving performance. Even before joining Fitocracy last year I had started working towards losing some post-college weight and improving fitnes. However, it took some time--including joining a "boot camp" fitness class and reading some of Fitocracy's member spotlights--to really start to value exercise as a part of my life and feel a drive towards fitness. I'm now trying to make exercise a lifelong habit, despite how busy I might be, both for the sake of my fitness and as a way to take a mental "break" from life's normal stresses. (Even if I somehow end up on an 11-mile hike with too little water and end up giving my spouse a look when he takes a photo of me halfway through our journey.)