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not sure why I can't upload some pictures on the right position! Again, organic shapes, this time I was playing around with collage, it's fun!


 I think I am obsessed with leaves :) this is a watercolour version, I love fall colours but wanted to change a bit :)


some sketch 


This is a detail of the sketch I started last month, it is a comission for a portrait. I'm going slowly as I need to check the progress as I go with the commissioner, and she's happy so far :) I will post more progress later.



So, I did not have time to use my laptop to come edit my project, but I did find time to create, and that is the most important! I am so happy and I feel so motivated!  am currenty trying different styles and techniques, experimenting and having loads of fun in the process :) I am also busy with a portrait that I was commissioned to do, I might as well post it once I finish it so I can share it with ou guys :) Ialways loved drawing plants,flowers and geometrical shapes, I have been doodling this kind of stuff since I remember and it is fun to add a bit of colour in it. In this case I used markers and a black point pen. I have been drawing it on my sofa and just felt relaxed as there was not a project to follow, but I just followed the can t do mistakes this way :) It is no nice to see all theamazing projects, I will definitel keep drawing, panting and posting here on the following days.. I got 30 by the way!


Here I am, still on day 3 when everyone else has finished days ago! Well, I am still happy I keep being motivated and creating even if I can't follow the project every day. So my time on the (digital) dices came out as 8 minutes. I used the magic bowl and got "wild animals"....and as a tool, I choose the oil pastel as I never use them and I wanted to try something new. So this is the result, 8 minutes and 14 seconds :) It was a bit weird using the oil pastels, but in a positive way: it made me remind me of my childhood and primary school, when we were sharing oil pastels with the other kids to create our drawings! I guess that is why the drawing came out a bit "cartoony" and not really realistic :) And it made me feel free, not worried about "doing things right"...I also did nt have much time to think about that :)! Working in a restricted time was new and it really makes you realize that you don't need much time to create something!  


iHi! I don't seem to manage to make a sketch per day, which is a shame, so this is my day two (yesterday) drawings. The one with the sunflowers is the first thing that came to my mind and the Oscar WIlde quote is one I really love. Strangely, after I made that I used the magic bowl and the papers that came out where "inspiring quotes" and "love", that basically is what that drawing is about! There is some magic here for real!!So I picked a third one and it was "feathers" (I made my own paper stripes to pick). I made a peacock feather at first, but I did not really like the way it came out so I just took the red pen and started to make random feathers all around...then I made the smaller peacock feather on the right to balance it a bit and keep the big one company lol :). The thing I liked the most is 1. I love the magic bowl idea!! and it happened to be really magic as it KNEW what I already draw! and 2. I am hapy with the fact that even if I did not like the way the drawing was going at the beginning (the feathers one) I kept doing it and did not give up and start something else :)



HI everyone and thak you Ria for this class! I am Irene, a self-taught artist and mom of a joyful and lively 1 year old boy, Leo. I always loved drawing and painting, since I was a little girl...but never saw it as an actual career, more like a passion that I could have as an hobby on my spare time. So I studied Tourism management and Languages, and did a master as an interpreter...I am italian but 6 yeard ago me and my now husband moved to London, where I worked with the skills I learned with my studies. But my passion for arts kept coming back until the point that I felt so frustrated in my job that I couldn't take it no more. When I went on maternity leave last year I decided that it was the right occasion to take a break and try to start a new career..well, I did not have all the free time I thought with a newborn hehe..but Itry to find time for my art and especially in the last few weeks I am very motivated to create as much as I can. I would like to becaome a professional illustrator and fine artist. With this class I hope to keep up my motivation and inspiration to create every day, meet other fellow artists and most important, have fun :) This is just a little thing I created as first assignment, I used acrylics with pipe cleaners, and this is the first thing that came out, very quickly :) 







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