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Make any world come alive! Game design 123 - Part 1

I am making a course that will teach beginners the basic of Game Design. The course has several parts. I am thinking about 5 parts, you can see the list at the bottom. The course is for beginners. Basically anyone that is interested in Game design using Unity 3D Free version. I am planning other courses using different engines like Unreal engine, Blender, iClone, Construct 2 as soon as I am done with all these parts.

Part 1 focuses on the creating of the 3D world or location the course takers need for their characters. The emphasis is to create a 3D world scene in Unity for that world or location. Course takers can make it as elaborate as they want with the knowledge they will acquire in part one.

I will show the course takers how to create their own unique game terrain or 3D world and they will put all* the items that they need to make their first scene. They can populate it with trees, plants, rocks, buildings, water, etc. This terrain or location is very important since that is the location we will put the characters we will make in part 2.

                                                This is the class outline                                   

Step 1: Download Unity 3D-Free version and start thinking about the type of world you want to create

Step 2: It is time to learn the basis about Unit 3D engine, the controls and start thinking about the type of world you want to create.

Step 3: Create and position the main camera and add a source of light and adjust them so they visible in the game mode.

Step 4: It is time to learn about the Unit 2D Asset Store and download all the textures and materials we need to create the world's we are imaginating.

Step 5: Decorate the terrain. Add trees, plants, grass, buildings, rocks, water, etc.

Step 6: Continue decorating the terrain, make it really nice to prepare that first scene. We will talk about characters & animations in the next part of the course-week 2.

Step 7: If you are still unsure about your story, your world, etc. Please check the multiple examples found at the start and towards the end of the class. I hope you will find some inspiration there.

Step 8: Post screenshots in the project gallery showing your creation or build a PC/Mac app or Web app from the build settings menu.

Step 9: Please provide feedback to other student projects but be constructive, positive and friendly in all your communications

This is the intro video for the class.

Intro video for Game Design 123

I did it cinematic style I hope you like it. Please let me know what you think.

I will continue to work on the rest of the videos to finish this class asap and publish it and hopefully people will enroll in it and the other ones.

Thank you for your feedback!

These are the future classes since this one is just part 1/5 of the series:

Make any world come alive! Game Design 123- Part 2- Character creation. (COMING SOON!)

Make any world come alive! Game Design 123- Part 3- Asset creation. (COMING SOON!)

Make any world come alive! Game Design 123- Part 4- Animation. (COMING SOON!)

Make any world come alive! Game Design 123- Part 5- Spice your place. (COMING SOON!)


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