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Make any character come alive! Game design 123 - Beginners course

It is done! My second class is now published! Character creation

This second class here in Skillshare and it follows the terrain (Terrain creation) is now live.

Head on there and learn about how to make characters to put in your world. Here is 2 examples in T-Poses of the type of characters you can make with this class.




It is a lot fun and they are not hard to make and you can customize them a lot to really make them unique. You need to be an artist to create them. So don't be afraid and start this journey today! I hope to see you there and I would really appreciate your opinion about whether you like it or not. I will use that to make some improvements if that is pointed out. Also I am really dying to see what people will make with tools we have available.

I am now working on the next class my third class that follows this one. On that one we will animate these characters and take them a little further.

Thank you for your feedback!


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