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Make an Easy Candy Jar to Sweeten Someone's Life - Completed! Free! View Now!

My class is complete, and I am looking for feedback so that I will know what to do the same/ differently on my next class!

To view my class (it's free) please click the link below!

My class topic will be how to make a candy jar out of easily found materials.

The class project is for the students to make their own candy jar that reflects their personal needs and style.


I - Introduction

     A. For Beginners

     B. Takes a total of 30-60 minutes work time & 6-12 hours dry time (check?)

     C. Materials are cheap & easy to find 

     D. Easily customizable for any person & occassion

II - Step 1: Plan & Make a list of materials

     A. Students draw out/design their candy jar, choose color/occassion/style/etc

III - Step 2: Gather materials

     A. List materials, where to get them, price

IV - Step 3: Paint pieces

     A. Paint terra cotta pot & lid, as well as wood adornment. Use multiple layers of paint. Allow to dry completely (at least 3 hours)

V - Step 4: Assemble Pot & Glue

     A. D over 1 or 2 days

     B. Allow to dry so front wood piece doesn't fall off

VI - Step 5: Add Flair

     A. Ribbons, paint, pictures, circut vinyl, ect

     B. Customize & personalize

VII - Variation & ideas

     A. Engagement, pregnancy, birthday, holidays, etc

VIII - Presentation

     A. Fill & Wrap! 


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