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Make an Authentic Italian Tomato Sauce Using Local Ingredients

I would like you to use the principles learned in this course to make your own tomato-based pasta sauce.  I want you to use the ingredients readily-available in your kitchen or easily purchased at your local grocery stores or farmers markets.

Use the following outline as a guide for cooking your sauce, and refer back to the videos for specifics:

  1. Sautee one or two alliums.
  2. Add the tomato component to sauce and let it simmer.
  3. Add optional vegetables.
  4. Add your desired combination of fresh or dried herbs.
  5. Add any desired spices.
  6. Top any type of pasta, noodles, rice, or bread with your sauce to complete the meal.

Once complete, I would like you to post a photo of your finished sauce.  You can optionally post photos of the ingredients you used, and/or a list of those ingredients.  I am excited to see what local ingredients people use around the world to make a red sauce!

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