Make an 8 page book from one piece of paper

My project is a demonstration on how you can create a small eight page book from one piece of paper. I use a standard piece of printer paper for the demo. My video starts with a brief talking head introduction and then a demo in the simple way you fold the paper into eighths, make one small cut, then refold the paper into an eight page booklet.

By opening your booklet and refolding it on the other side, you actually have the opportunity for 16 pages - all from one piece of paper.

This technique is great for making a mini note book, two week calendar, or a sketchbook on-the-go. Tho I demo using a bone folder and cutting with an Xacto knife, you really need no tools (you can score the folds with your fingernail, and carefully make the one cut by ripping the well scored fold.

I hope to have a way to share a link to templates: one to just show a layout of folds and cuts, and how the pages will layout when folded (i.e. front cover, back cover, inner pages. Also a template that shows how you can preprint the paper with text, calendar dates, or images - I have created a mini portfolio with a selection of my artwork, plus my contact info to hand out to galleries, etc)

I would love some feedback on this idea, and I am still unclear how long the entire class video should be. Seeking advice on this!


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