Make a seamless floral pattern in Photoshop | Skillshare Projects

Lidija Paradinovic Nagulov

Surface and pattern designer



Make a seamless floral pattern in Photoshop


Learn how to make beautiful and unique floral patterns in Photoshop, which you can use as wallpapers on your website or blog, print out to use as scrapbooking paper or crafting paper, upload to various Print on Demand (PoD) sites to sell on various products, or even sell or license to manufacturers. 


You will learn to create a seamlessly repeating floral pattern - you can make it as simple or as intricate as you like, but once you've mastered these simple basic steps you'll be able to make any set of motifs into a beautiful pattern repeat. Things we will cover include:

- Basic information about patterns and repeats

- Gathering inspiration and sketching

- Creating the starting concept for your pattern

- Making a seamlessly repeating pattern tile

- Adding color, shadow, and depth

- Different applications for your finished pattern


Inspiration mood board

Your initial sketches

Your seamless repeating pattern

Product mockups using your pattern



Introduction - A little bit about me, and about why I'm so passionate about floral patterns, and about what makes my pattern making method stand apart from most others. 

I'll also give an overview of what the class will cover, and give viewers some ideas of all the fun ways in which they can use their finished floral pattern. 


Key concepts - An overview of terms used in pattern design, and what they all mean. I'll briefly cover what a pattern is, what are the most common types of patterns, what are the different types of florals in particular, types of layouts, types of repeats.


Video 1 - Inspiration, sketching, and finalizing your motifs 

Video 2 - Setting up your Photoshop file, and working out your pattern repeat

Video 3 - Creating your final pattern tile and testing your repeat

Video 4 - Coloring and finishing your piece


Wrap up - some final tips and lots of ideas on what you can do with your brand new, gorgeous floral pattern. 


Update - I wrote out most of my script, making sure to link each video to the next, and to refer to uploadable deliverables a bunch of times. Also bought a new webcam :) Super excited to start recording this weekend. 



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