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Make a fun and unique notebook from scratch

Update 2/08/2016

Only one more student today!

I just uploaded my introduction video to my Youtube canal, shared it on my Facebook page and sent a newsletter to my Etsy customers (in case there were any premium members among them).

Need to do more promotion on Instagram and update my project gallery to keep enrolled student engaged!


I just published my first class yesterday and I got 29 students enrolled now! I am beyond grateful! 

25 of them did it through the free link I created and shared via:

- my blog

- my newsletter

- my Facebbok page

- my Instagram account

Reading some of the comments here, I think I could add a direct link on my blog somewhere.

I now plan to complete my project, and share regular updates with my students to keep them engaged so they will hopefully share their own projects and leave a positive feedback.

Anything else I could do?

Many thanks!!!


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