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Make a Whimsical Rain Cloud Mobile

1. Class Description

This class will take you through simple steps to create your own whimiscal rain cloud mobile. 
By the end of this class, you will have developed some new craft skills and will have a lovely rain cloud mobile to display in your home. 

This class is suitable for students with some basic craft skills. The full materials for the class can be purchased for around $30 however, you may already have many of the materials in your craft stash! 


2. Class Project: Create Your Own Rain Cloud Mobile

You will be creating your own Rain Cloud mobile, progressing through the following steps

  1. Choose the object to 'rain' from your cloud. My mobile was inspired by the phrase "raining cats and dogs" but you could chose raindrops, men (like the song!), colourful balls, plastic play money... 
  2. Gather your materials and equipment
  3. Create your cloud base
  4. Cover your cloud base in polyester stuffing
  5. Use a drill to prepare your chosen objects for hanging.
  6. Paint your objects
  7. Assemble your mobile

This project will take a few hours (not including drying time)

Share your process and final outcome by uploading your project. You could upload 
the following:

  • Photographs of your work in progress
  • Photograph of your completed Rain Cloud mobile in situ

3. Class Outline

You can view my completed (timings may need some tinkering!) here

4. Introduction Video
* WIP *

5. Final Published Class
* WIP *


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