Jeannie Hunt

Artist and Bookmaking Teacher



Make a Squash Blossom Book

In this class you will learn how to make a miniature squash blossom book from easy-to-find materials and decorate it with text and images. You can use it to send a personal message to someone special or a unique holiday or seasonal greeting.

For the class project, you will make a squash blossom book and decorate it with a seasonal or holiday greeting or an idea of your own.

Download the grid of blank squares for drawing. Try making some bold black drawings. Also make some squares with text. If you want to use your computer to add text or drawings to your squares then you can download the grid in .docx or .pages format.

Have fun. Be creative.

Post photos of your process and finished books in the project gallery.


Here is a link to my class outline.


Here is a link to my Intro video:


Here is a link to another video from my class that I have edited with Quicktime:


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