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Make a Perfect Lemon Merengue Pie

Hi, everyone. I published my first class here the 12 of February, it is a culinary class about how to make a Lemon Merengue Pie. Here is the link to my class: Make a Perfect Lemon Merengue Pie

Current students: 102 students
Reviews: 12 
Marketing Tactics: sharing on social media

I love being a teacher here at SkillShare. I reached all of my students by posting my class in facebok and twitter, also i asked my friends and family to please join me; of course there are also the ones who have enrolled because of my class being already in the trending page. 

I love how Skillshare lets you know everything that is going on on your class. I'm going to post a project in my class soon, or so i hope. I really hope that will ecourage my students to post their projects as well. 

Wish me Luck on my new class, and Good Luck to you all :)


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