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Make a Name for Yourself: Developing Your Online Brand.

Core Message:  You can do this. Whether your company is B to C, or B to B it really doesn't matter when it comes to engaging with potential clients or customers. Social Media is all about P to P marketing. People to People.  Let me show you how to use social media to become an influencer in your industry, connect with key people who can help you expand your business, and the proper way to speak with, not to, your target market. 
Audience: Entrepreneurs, Authors, Professionals.
I've been thinking a lot about my target market. I know that Mompreneurs are the ones who really find me inspiring, which of course makes speaking to them far more enjoyable. My problem is finding groups with any kind of speaking budget for this target market. 
Background: When I was a new Mom in 1997, I decided I was going to quit my job in marketing and stay home with my new baby. The novelty of that nobel idea wore off in about a month, and quite frankly, I was bored.
The internet was new to most of us then. It was the day of dial up, when you waited 15 minutes to get online only to be booted off randomly and have to start the process all over again. Not ideal, but we didn't know any better, and it was a new frontier for this bored, stay-at-home Mom with a burning desire to "Do" something.
What I did was create a business, from one idea. How I came up with the idea and how I grew the business for over 13 years and ultimately sold it, was an amazing learning experience and one that prepared me for the next phase of my online business life.
In 2008 I began consulting others on how to use Social Media to market their businesses and to generate leads. My company, Foxtrot Media LLC., manages social media marketing and content creation for businesses ranging from small business, non-profit to financial institutions. In addition to management services, Foxtrot offers full training on all of the major social media platforms. 
My Bio:
Deborah Smith is the founder and previous owner of one of the first online nanny recruiting companies in the world. While launching and growing for 13 years, she implemented many creative solutions using social media, including , which is a social community exclusively for nannies. The goal of the community was to foster brand loyalty and serve as a referral network. has well over 1000 members and continues to grow and serve the in-home childcare industry. NannyClassifieds', twitter personality@NannyLady was sold with the business and was part of the valuation.Deborah is currently the founder and Executive Editor of, a collaborative community of food writers covering food news and restaurant reviews in New Jersey. was founded in 2007 and is now one of the leading food sites in New Jersey serving as content contributor of
Point: Sometimes Ideas Come from Strangers
Story: How I used the social media tools of the day to research business ideas. I had no idea what I was looking for. I reached out to a perfect stranger on a Business Start-Up message board who was starting a nanny agency, she was asking for advice and I offered to help her conduct research online, for free. She accepted, and I created an email group called "parents with nannies" which was indended for families who were looking to hire a nanny. What it turned into was a community of nanny agencies, nannies, and families. Through this group and my research for the perfect stranger, I came up with my own business idea. 
Point: You never know who knows whom. 
Story: My 70+ year old mother informs me in a casual conversation on the phone that Dorothea Bonjovi (Yes, Jon's wife) was over her house helping her get organized. Now, I'm a Jersey girl, Jon Bonjovi is huge, bigger than our 80's hair, and my Mom is hanging out with his wife AND doesn't tell me until a week later.   You never know, who knows whom. Don't pass by someone who doesn't appear to be "important" 
Point 3: 
Speaking Page on Website with embeded videos:
My LinkedIn Profile is a great selling tool:
I have a one page .pdf about me and my speaking but don't see a way to upload it. 
Steps for approaching organizatons for speaking:
  1. Research Women Business Organizations:
  2. Send promotional email to each organization with my background story and links to speaking page and video.

To Do List: 

Get new photos taken. New speaking website. New Video. Ugh. Lot's to do. 


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