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Make a Beat Like DJ Mustard

Class Title: Make a Beat Like DJ Mustard

Project Title: 

Create a modern hip hop beat with an iPhone (in the style of DJ Mustard)

The radio is playing a hip hop/trap hybrid constantly - over the past few years the likes of "Show Me" by Kid Ink, "Gas Pedal" by Sage the Gemini and "Loyal" by Chris Brown have been featured in charts throughout the world.

We're going to create a musical backdrop of this variety in four short steps.  

We'll be looking at:

1. The beat: a basic kick drum and snare pattern, with a few open hi-hats for garnish.

2. The chants:  the 'heys' and breaths in this genre of music have become major parts of the music.  In under five minutes, we can now have this sound added to our track.

3. The melody: this is the piece that loops over and over.  How do we write a melody while having fun and using our ears?  Simple, with this three step process.

4. The bass: we'll be influenced by the melody here.  Having decided on the melody, we'll use notes from it to create a bassline.  We'll use the 808 to create that pure DJ Mustard sound.


Explore how to create songs in the style of Chris Brown, Kid Ink and DJ Mustard.  This modern style of hip hop will be created using the iMaschine, an app that can be downloaded to the iPhone and iPad.  Numerous producers have started songs on this sketch pad and then turned them into radio hits. 

With this 25 minute class, you’ll learn to create a drum pattern, a lead melody and a baseline.  The final song can be easily exported and uploaded to Soundcloud or emailed to friends.  The process is simple - people without prior knowledge of writing music will be able to easily follow this.  No prior experience is needed and at the end of this course you’ll have a hip hop/trap/r’n’b song that can be uploaded to Soundcloud or emailed to friends.


Create a modern hip hop beat in the style of DJ Mustard, producer for Chris Brown, Kid Ink and many more.  This assignment will teach you how to create a hip hop drum pattern, as well as a drum fill; how to write a lead melody using only 5 notes; and how to add a baseline based on your lead melody.  All that is required is iMaschine, an app available on the iPhone or iPad.


Upload your final song.  The final song will include:

A drum beat

A drum fill (optional)

A lead line

A baseline


Unit 1: The Drums

1.1 - How to make a basic kick and snare combo.  The snare sound can be a finger click or rimshot, or any other number of sounds.

1.2 - Add a simple open hi hat.  This will add a bit of variety

1.3 - Add some more kicks and a snare roll.

Unit 2: The Chants

2.1 - Adding 'heys'

2.2 - Adding breaths

2.3 - Adding a vocal shout.

Unit 3: The Melody

3.1 - How to create a basic melody using a single scale

3.2 - How to use variety in where the notes fall

3.3 - creating a variation of the melody

Unit 4:  The Bass

4.1 - Using the melody to extract a bassline.

4.2 - Adding an 808 and bass sound

Unit 5: Conclusion

5.1 - Export three loops to create a basic 'DJ Mustard'-style beat.



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