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Tara Andrews

Designer & Illustrator



Make Your Own Luck Letterform Study


I often sketch letters and letterforms and am doing as many projects as I can to improve my hand lettering skills so this class was right up my alley. 

I chose to draw "Make Your Own Luck" because I think there is a positive messgae about intention and determination in it. If you work hard, share your work and always try to improve your skills, good things will happen. This quote helps remind me of that.

Here is a sketch I did in my sketchbook just to get an idea of the layout I'd like and maybe incorporate some additional doodles.


I then used dot graph paper (whic is my favourite for lettering) to trace over some of the letters I liked the best above and refine them within the grids using typography principles. I may extend the y lower than an average descender for design aesthetic but we will see when it gets digitized. 

Here are my marker sketches on dot graph paper.


Here is my digital layout. Now to play with colour!


I was able to play with some colour this weekend and also put it into a 4x6 inch format for a postcard.


I may refine it a bit more but I like the quirkiness of the jagged letters and the fact that it isn't perfect shows that it is handmade. In design I get too caught up in making things "perfect" so it is liberating trying something loose and fun.


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