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Make Your Own Career

This has come about because I love starting businesses but I enjoy them as projects more than careers. So I want to create a site that allows me to brainstorm and develop business ideas and let other people run with them. 

I have spent 20 years beating myself up over not being able to sustain the energy to keep any of the businesses I do running. Yet I have made a living doing just that. But it means that most of my time is spent doing what I don't "want" to do and the little bit of time that I get to enjoy I feel guilty about. 

I am am hoping the site will help people get started and I hope I can help them not beat themselves up. 

The site will be free to use and the visitors can download business plans and sales kits and get advice on how to get started. 

I will charge for coaching, physical sales kits and perhaps an ebook or tip book. I am a print reseller so there is potential for income there. I would also have pertinent affiliate links that I believe in.  Later on I could develop a course. 

I would like like to make enough to work on it full time. 


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