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Make Your Move

Update #1: Going with a full retcon to simplify the game (a ton). Inspired by the drafting concept, and real-life drafting in car racing.

D.O.P. is a stock-car-themed card game where players draw and play cards in an attempt to pass their opponents and win the race. 

Mechanics - The game begins with drafting, as players take turns (in the order of last place to first place, per round) selecting one card from a group of four random cards to add to their three-card hands, passing the four-card draw hand off, and then selecting a card to play. This continues until all eight players have played a card, and then the order resets for the next round.   

Number of Players - I suppose 2 to 8 but ideally 4 to 8.

Components - 8 large cards displaying eight different race cars, 8 cards displaying the numbers one through eight, 50-60 or so standard playing cards showing game actions and lap numbers.  

Win Conditions - Being in first place when the Lap cards add up to the determined lap limit.

Game Structure - The game progresses in rounds, where each player has one opportunity to select a card to add to their hand, and then to play a card from their hand to perform an action.  

Details - The set-up stage consists of simply selecting which car you'd like to be (no difference outside of colors, maybe fake sponsors), and choosing a card for your start position (the cards numbered one through eight, shuffled). 

To begin the game, each driver (player) draws two random cards from the shuffled master draw deck of all fifty-to-sixty cards.

The racer who drew the highest number (closest to eight) initially, chooses four more cards from the master draw deck to serve as the passed-around draw deck. (S)he then selects one of those four to complete the standard three-card hand. The driver selects one of those three cards to play. 

The actions that can be taken on those cards are used to either pass the car ahead of you (draft, make your move, overtake), block the car behind you (block, bump), or increase the completed lap total. 

Passing the car ahead of you (as of now, you can only pass the one car directly ahead of you, but I'm considering adding bigger moves) is a three-step process.

1) When a driver plays a "Draft" card, you lay his or her trailing car halfway on top of the leading car. This move can be blocked by the leading car then playing a "Block" card.

2) After a successful "Draft" play, the trailing driver then must play a "Make Your Move" card. This pulls the cars even, so you move the car cards next to each other. This move can be blocked by the leading car playing a "Bump" card. 

3) After a successful "Draft" and "Make Your Move" play, the trailing car (now, really, the outside car) must play an "Overtake" card. At this point the cars swap. This move cannot be blocked. 

The draw deck is then passed to the driver in the next (next closest to one) position, who draws a card from the master deck to add to the pass-around deck.

This driver repeats the draw-and-play process, now with the opportunity to block the trailing car's moves, or to make a move of their own.  

There are also Completed Laps cards, which (I believe) will be in increments of 5, 10 and 25. Playing these increased the number of laps the drivers have finished, with a set number (can be determined before the game begins, though I think 200 will be the standard) marking the end of the race. Naturally, higher numbers of required laps will lend itself to a longer game. 

When a Completed Laps card is played that eclipses the set number of required laps, the race is over. The player who occupies the number 1 spot wins. 

Potential Issues: Just one so far: When a Draft or Make Your Move card is successfully played, what has to happen for the leading car to "escape" that scenario? Do they simply need to play a Draft or Make Your Move card themselves? Or should there be a specialized "escape" card, or something to that effect? 


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