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Make Your Coaching Biz No.1 in Your Niche

When I was a lot younger I always dreamed of traveling to distant countries and other parts of the world.

Can't remember exactly but I believe it was at age 13-14, I had a penpal in Australia. That was the time when it took 1-2 weeks before a letter would arrive and then she wrote me back and it took 1-2 weeks to arrive at my house.

The only other country I visited in my youth was Germany. We drove “all the way” to the Edersee for our holidays. It was about 300km.

When I was in the higher technical school I had the first opportunity to go abroad. For my final thesis I finally found a project in Copenhagen, for 4 months. It was a great time.

My first job was with an electronics company that develops and produces remote controls. That job started with a 2 month period in Anaheim (CA, USA). Wow.

In every job after that there was or I created an international component that required some traveling abroad. Not lots, once a month or so.

What I love about this? Talking with people from another culture, learn the local habits, other languages.

In 2006 I started my own business and it focussed a lot on clients in The Netherlands. But the internet and social media gave me the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world and that is amazing. I enjoy it every day.

In my business I work just with Dutch clients. This is where my project is.
In 2012 I tried to switch to English and stopped paying attention to my Dutch leads. This failed, after 6 months of almost no income I had to fall back to my Dutch list and clients.

At the moment I am creating and introducing a number of new trainings and handbooks for my Dutch clients. I am ready to move forward in the international market. Not as a replacement but in addition to my Dutch clients. The first handbook on hyperspecialization has just been translated.

In a workshop a week ago I wrote down my wish of international attraction. This project is the perfect opportunity to work on this wish.

The website is already alive and it still needs a lot of work. The idea is to attract coaches that want to expand their business and become No.1 in their niche, using social media.

I wrote several books in Dutch, some via a publisher, others self published. For my work and clients I use this model. My books are on (Dutch).

Let's expand this with this project. :)

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