Make Videos

Make Videos - student project

*shiver* This is something I get really nervous about, but it really is time that I actively work on developing this skill.

I've just recently made a video, but I'd like to make it a habit. After making this one, I realized that I do want to make videos and make them look good.

In my videos, I'd like to one: have the video viewing quality be good and two: have them easy to understand. 

As of now, I can work on presenting the video with audacity and not have to worry too much about doing and speaking at the same time. As for video quality, I'm not so sure. I use movie maker right now, but I think I'll have to change that. Not sure what other programs to use though. I'll have to figure that out one day.

So for now, I'd like to make a goal that on Monday and Friday mornings I'll record one video and the sound that goes with it. We'll see how it goes ^^

Video number 1:

1st Friday: I got lazy and didn't do it >.<

1st Monday: Tada! I recorded a video of me sketching and am working on writing out the script for the video. I might record sound today, we'll see.

2nd Friday: Yeah didn't do it again >.<

2nd Monday: worked on audio and familiarized myself with the software a little more.

Rachel Cheek
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