Make Stunning Wall Art Using Procreate

Make Stunning Wall Art Using Procreate - student project

I love decorating my home with art and here’s how you create wall art for your own home that is uniquely you.

Using the Procreate app on the iPad, you can easily create art to express yourself and to decorate your home. Framed wall art also makes great gifts for friends and family.

I will help guide you by providing inspiration and step by step instructions. I’ll give hints and tips that I’ve picked up using Procreate to make my own works of art.

You can choose from two different types of wall art to make your class project. The first will be quote art where I will show you how to take an inspiring quote and emphasize it in a way that it becomes an art statement. The second will be a bold image or pop art in which we’ll use texture and color to stylize an image to make it pop off the wall.

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Make Stunning Wall Art Using Procreate - image 1 - student project

Emily Patriquin
Artist, Illustrator, Photographer