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Make Professional Graphics for Anything in Just 5 Minutes !

Description: This Course is very short and simple to understand and specially for those who are not technical or whether technical , It will help you create awesome graphics in just 5 minutes , whether you are designing a logo , banner , cover or anything. 

Hello, In the class I will show you how to make a cover, banner or a logo , and will show you the ways to design any graphics for anything for your brand very easily or for your client in just 5 minutes. below are the details that you are going to learn in the class.

  • Making a Banner or a Picture from Scratch
  • Edit and Make it look More Awesome.
  • Adding Effects
  • Adding Filters to Make it Look More Cool.
  • Adding or Removing Copyrights from a Picture.

Project : At the End Students are Required to submit a Project of a picture which would be quite interesting , It makes me feel happy to see creativety of my students , its not mandatory but i will appericiate your efforts if you submit a project at the end of the class.

This Course Would be Short and Simple and you will love it. because its very easy.

Here is the Basic Course Outline Created :

The Course is Now Published You can View it HERE


Sunesh Kumar.


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