Make My Portfolio Better (it kinda sucks)

Update 3/17/13 - Animation Demo, Finale

So I didn't get to do some things I wanted to because I was short on time, but I did learn tons from this class and I'm going to keep on making JS stuff in the future! Check out the Animation Demo (a thing for work) I made using Transit.js. It doesn't work on IE, but looks good on Chrome.

Update 3/6/13 - Flip Card Game

Update 3/5/13 - Nyan Cat with jQuery Background

Update 2/24/13 - Ball Demo

Code (GitHub)


Hello classmates,

I used to do something else for a living, but I'm in the midst of making a career change. I want to turn my hobby into a career and some day become an amazing front-end developer. With the help of the Interwebs, I've learned HTML and CSS, but like Jeff said, it's not rocket surgery. One technology I am lacking in is JavaScript, and I'm hoping this class will be my springboard to learning JS, jQuery, and AJAX.

I have a portfolio at victorhoang.com. It's one of those sites you might drop by and think, 'Hey, that's nice,' (Well, I hope you say that) but it's not memorable.  My goal is to use JS to make my portfolio a bit interactive and more fun; I'm sure a nyan cat powered by JS will do the trick. When I apply for a front-end developer job, I want recruiters to remember my portfolio not as being sucky, but perhaps as being not too shabby. 

Features I'd like to implement:

P.S. I made this little typographic banner just for this class/project. I hope you like it.


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