Make Like A Duck, Let It Roll Off Your Back

2. Basics of Lettering

I've choosen to illustrate the word 'Roll' because I think it's the easiest of the bunch and one that can either make or break the project.

I picked the catagories Ornate, Fancy Serif, Script, Dimensional, Curved and Sans Serif to practive my hand lettering. Sketches will be coming soon!


1. Exploring Inspiration

My phrase is, "Make Like A Duck, Let It Roll Off Your Back". My mother would always say this to me and my sisters and I now find myself saying it my kids.

I'm kinda new to hand lettering so I found my mood board was filled with more lettering examples than anything else - for inspiration. My word list is filled with words that I want the message to convey, look like, and also what the phrase means to me. 


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