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Make It Happen

Over the past few years, I've actually read the GTD book along with (what seems like) billions of blog posts - all while "trying on" a ridiculous number of digital tools. Unfortunately, I'm still a bit of a mess, which you can see from my diagnostic results:

Phase 1: Collect 3-Warning

Phase 2: Process 4-DANGER!

Phase 3: Organize 3-Warning

Phase 4: Review 3-Warning

Phase 5: Do 4-DANGER!


What I've found to be my main issues:

  • collecting all over the place (as opposed to in one place),
  • failing to systematically review on a daily, weekly & monthly basis,
  • hopping from app to app (OmniFocus, Things, 2Do, Wunderlist!),
  • feeling like I'm perpetually flying by the seat of my pants and 
  • spending too much time planning and fiddling (and not enough doing!).

So far, I'm loving the straightforward, step-by-step approach to this course. 

Updates to come!


300 open loops entered into Things + huge pile on my desk, which is acting as my physical inbox for now... Feeling a little overwhelmed with the amount of paper all in one place!


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