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Make Grandpa Proud

For my first hand lettering project I chose a phrase that I made up myself that's quite personal. It's a reminder to work hard at whatever it is I'm doing. My Grandpa always rose early and got to bed early and he worked hard for his entire life. I have fond memories of him and he taught me a lot about life and farming, which is currently what I'm going to school for. I wanted a visual way of this reminder so the phrase "Get Up and Make Your Grandpa Proud" comes to mind. It initially was the message on my alarm in the morning, but I think hand drawn letters of this phrase is more elegant.

For the warm up exercise I chose the word Wool.

I really liked the handwritten style but I didn't want the drawing to be too busy either.

Next came some thumbnails and some doodling.

I used a lot of guidelines for the rough draft especially for the "Get Up" portion of the drawing. I fiddled a lot with it.

It's not the fanciest hand lettered drawing ever but I like how simple it turned out.


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