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Make: Education

For the final idea, I decided to go with "Build One'.  I shifted the name to 'Make: Education'.  The call to action baked into the campaign name made it feel stronger, more memborable.  The new name also tested better with an ultra-bias and small sampleset of friends (I know... I know...)  And per some feedback from fellow ideators (thank you!), I've made a few modifications to who this initiative is targeting and how it is reaching them.  I've also added an offline element, to make a deeper, more personal connection with the audience.

You can check it out on Slidshare, here: http://www.slideshare.net/ianhunterelliott/pencils-of-promise-16995439

And below are a few of the beginning slides.  

Just to note: This has been a great experience.  It's be awesome to see everyone's work and thought process.  And thanks again to those who offered thoughts on my 3-core concepts.  And I look forward to and welcome any and all feedback on this concept, as well. Tally-ho! 

Check it out on Slidshare, here: http://www.slideshare.net/ianhunterelliott/pencils-of-promise-16995439


3 Core Concepts

I've synthesized the 1st phase of the project (the divergent mind dump) into 3-core ideas for further refinement.  I've also added some research and personal case studies that I've used to inform my thinking down below.  There is still quite a bit of work to do as it relates to refining the inspiration, channels, timing and ideas; I imagine that's not a surprise.  I certainly welcome any and all thoughts on the 3 concepts, and I am excited to see everyone's next round of thinking.

The Goal:

Raise $1,000,000 in 6 months to help fund urgently needed schools in Guatemala

The Inspiration:

Education opens a door to the world.  

Education empowers us to rise above the occasion, to engage with others to solve extraordinary problems, to play outside of the sandbox and challenge convention.  

Education is the key to unlocking our individual and collective potential.

The Audience:

  1. Millennials* (*Typification exercise is below in the research section)
  2. Guatemalan nationals

The Channels:

  1. Social – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine
  2. Partners – Google, Coursea, General Assembly, Instagram, Instacanvas
  3. Influencers -- Sophia Bush (humanitarian), Jason Polluck (documentarian), Esther Havens (photographer), Sean Carasso (humanitarian), Anneke Jong (business leader), Adam Braun (PoP Founder), Scooter Braun (Adam's brother), Justin Bieber (musician/pop-cultuer star)
  4. High school & College campuses
  5. OOH

The Timing:

  1. June through December* (*Rational is below in the research section)

The Guiding Principles:

  1. Transparent
  2. Collaborative
  3. Playful
  4. Empowering

The 3 Core Ideas:

Concept A - Build One:

We are better together.  In June, a crowdsourcing initiative will unite friends and family as we all work together to build classrooms for the Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School.


We launch a new ‘Build One’ section within the Pencils of Promise website in June.  And the main experience and call to action of this new destination will be a personalized, user-friendly Pencils of Promise ‘Build One’ fundraising page.

Through this fundraising page the Pencils of Promise community will be able to crowdsource the funding of an entire classroom.  Users will be able invite their friends and family into a digital room of chairs, desks, walls, chalkboards, Chromebooks (partnership with Google), books, teachers' hours, all priced and in need of funding – All the items will ultimately add up to $10K. 

The funder’s impact will be measurable, clear and direct; not arbitrary, general and gradual. If they fund a chair, they know that chair will be a part of the classroom.  And the best part is they’ll be able to watch as others join in the effort, and will be emailed updates on the classroom’s funding progress.

As soon as the friend or family member funds the object(s), it will shift from a ‘fund me’ state to a ‘funded’ state. Upon completion of the funding process, the funder can choose to make the donation anonymous, in someone’s name or in his or her own name.  They’ll also be prompted to share the opportunity with their friends and family across their social networks.

In addition, the individual will be able to adopt a 'Build One' badge, which can be displayed on their social avatar, to create a sense of solidarity and pride amongst the community of 'Build One' participants. 

If someone is unable to fund an item in the classroom, but wants to support their friend or family’s classroom, they can share the item on their personal social networks. For example, "Want to help Pencils of Promise reshape the future of education in Guatemala? Help Mark Pollard build a classroom by funding this Chrome Book for the students at Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School. Fund it here: pen.cl/build"

Once the classroom has been funded, the student will be entered into a pool of other students for a chance to go to the school Guatemala.

For further consideration:           

(1) We'll partner with design schools to produce sustainable design solutions for the classroom, to make the structure more sound, cost effective and environmentally and experientially friendly.

(2) We'll partner with influential artists to produce work inspired by the Guatemala school. The canvas will be a object from the classroom -- a desk, chair, chalkboard, book or notebook. Each piece will have a minimum asking price and be sold to the highest bidder.

(3) In addition to the classroom, smaller items will be available for funding. PoP Ed-kits will consist of a backpack, binders, notebooks, pencils and calculator. There will be 3 tiers: $25, $75 and $150. At $150 you will receive an exclusive Together We Build Pencils of Promise Backpack.

(4) Introduce more brand partnerships by naturally integrating product-right brands into the classroom (i.e. Mead notebooks or Herschel backpacks)

(5) Can we engage Guatemala nationals to commit hours or donations and Americans match to those hours or donations dollar for dollar, getting locals to have a vested interest in the success of the classrooms/school? 

Concept B - The Class:

The more we learn about and from one another, the more able we are to realize our collective potential.  And in June, top tier universities from around the country will bring students from around the world in contact with the students and teachers from the Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School, as they teach the first-ever Pencils of Promise inspired class on education in developing worlds.


In May, in partnership with Coursea and General Assembly, we’ll announce the 'The Class', a 4-week online course on education in the developing worlds.  The class will be offered once a month for 6 months.

In the spirit of opening education to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status or geographical challenges, 'The Class' will be offered at a "pay what you can" sliding scale price. However, in order to reach our $1M fundraising goal, a minimum donation of $10 will be suggested.

A stimulating curriculum will both inspire and challenge the student group. It will require that they collaborate with one another in Google + Hangouts, engage in lectures through comments and submit work for peer and professorial review.

The students that excel will be awarded with a supremely awesome certificate of completion, a Pencils of Promise social badge of achievement and an endorsement and recommendation on their LinkedIn profile.

At the close of semester, the Pencils of Promise 'The Class' lesson plan and course materials will also be made available for sale at a sliding scale, for those who were unable to sign up for the class before the sign-up date.

For Further Consideration:

(1) To substantiate the 'The Class' and invite broader participation as well as simulate social WoM promotion, a fun PoP Quiz Facebook app will live on the Pencils of Promise Timeline.  Underneath each question, we'll have hints to each answer, directing individuals to Coursea or GA article, FB post or web destination where the answer to the question will be hidden.

Concept C - Characters of Promise: 

Alongside Instagram and Instacanvas, the Pencils of Promise community will turn self-promoting #selfies into transformative solutions for the community of Paculam, Guatemala. 


We’ll launch in June.  The Pencils of Promise community and stakeholders will be asked to snap a #selfie, write a short, 140-character pledge about how they plan to support education in Paculam, Gautemala and publish it on their Instagram and Twitter feed with the hashtags #selfie and #charactersofpromise.

Each month, a new influential and inspiring humanitarian on Instagram like Sophia Bush, Matt French, Kid President and, potentially, Justin Bieber, will be spotlighted. They’ll produce a new #selfie once a week and challenge their community to do the same.

On Instacanv.as, every photo sold with the hashtag #charactersofpromise will be donated in support of the Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School.  We’ll create a special yellow Pencils of Promise frame and feature #charactersofpromise in the “What’s Hot”, “Themes” and “Gift Ideas” tabs on the Instacanv.as website.

The hashtag, #charactersofpromise, will produce a rich repository of portraits on Instagram as well as allow us to pull each photograph to a central website -- www.charactersofpromise.org -- where they’ll live together with the portraits and stories of the students and teachers at Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School. In addition, more information about the campaign, the school and the fundraising progress will be displayed as well as the ability to purchase the photos via an Instacanv.as API.

Lastly, in December, we’ll produce a "Characters of Promise" coffee table book, featuring some of the most popular portraits taken during the campaign.  All sales from this book will go towards supporting the mission of Pencils of Promise.

For Further Consideration:

(1) Create the first-ever Promise Month.

(2) Empower Characters of Promise participants to produce Instagram Meet-ups, where they can all meet up, snap portraits of one another and talk about how to advance the campaign and reach our goal of $1M.

(3) Build monthly themes, to energize the campaign and create a rich, creative mixture of portraits.

The Budget:

  1. $250,000


Additional Research  


Pencils of Promise Brand Book: 

(1) http://www.pencilsofpromise.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/PoP-BRANDBOOK.pdf

2011 Pencils of Promise Annual Report:

(1) http://www.pencilsofpromise.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/PencilsofPromise_2011_AnnualReport_Spread.pdf

Timing Considerations:      

  • Pencils of Promise begins to trend on Google in June, and it peaks in December.
  • Q4 is a uniquely generous period of time in America, with the holidays.

Millennial Typification Exercise:

The Spastic Half-pint Donor

  • Small increments and a diverse range of recipients. $150 and to many different organizations. $1000 over the course of a year.

The Relational Donor

  • 59% of Millennials gave in response to a personal ask
  • 84% of Millennials said they are most likely to donate when they fully trust an organization, and 90% said they would stop giving if they do not trust an organization.
  • 56% were motivated to give by a personal connection or trust in the leadership of the organization.

The Digital Donor

  • When Millennials were asked how they prefer to give, online giving took the top spot, being identified as the method of choice by 58% of respondents, with personal requests dropping to 48%.

The Story-centric Donor

  • 85% of Millennials are motivated to give by a compelling mission or cause
  • On an organization’s website, 70% of Millennials want to find information about the organization’s mission and history, and 56% want to learn about the organization’s financial condition.

 Other interesting tid-bits:

  • Millennials want regular communications, with 43% of them saying they want to hear from the organization monthly, and 32% saying they would prefer quarterly contact. Most of them want that contact to come in the form of email, although many said they would welcome social media contact if they have established that connection.
  • Mobile is happening.
  • Compelling and transparent content is critical.

Milleniall Research Links: 

(1) http://themillennialimpact.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/MD11-Full-Report.pdf
(2) http://themillennialimpact.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/MillennialImpactPresentation.pdf
(3) http://www.convio.com/files/next-gen-whitepaper.pdf
(4) http://themillennialimpact.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Millennial-Impact-Report-Infograph-5.png

Case Studies of Other Great Nonprofits:

(1) Invisible Children

(2) Save Darfur

(3) Charity Water

(4) Movember


Invisible Children

  • What do they do and how do they do it?
    • IC does a lot but their focus is to rescue children from the war in Uganda.  They do this through a multi-faceted approach of job providing in Uganda to advocacy and policy programs in the States.  They have a 4 tiered approach of Media, Mobilization, Protection and Recovery.
      • MEDIA - We create films to document LRA atrocities, introduce new audiences to the conflict, and inspire global action.
      • MOBILIZATION - We mobilize massive groups of people to support and advance international efforts to end LRA atrocities.
      • PROTECTION - We work with regional partners to build and expand systems that warn remote communities of LRA attacks and encourage members of the LRA to peacefully surrender.
      • RECOVERY - We work to rehabilitate children directly affected by the LRA and invest in education and economic recovery programs in the post-conflict region to promote lasting peace.
  • Why is it effective?
    • A lot of Invisible Children’s efficacy comes from the urgency and atrociousness of the issue they are set out to address.  Children are being abducted and put into war every minute, women are being raped, villages are being burned.  These issues are very visually striking and powerful.  They also produce excellent video content and have a great understanding of the power of social media.  Their content always has a call to action; whether it’s as simple as sharing the video with your friends or tools on how to host a bake sale to fundraise.
    • They produce mass, public activations like Cover the Night and the Global Night Commute in places with high visibility.
    • Their branding is youthful and edgy.  Their founders are young, attractive, heavily forward facing and relatable.
  • How could it be more effective?
    • More tangible impact. Seems like a lot of money goes towards media. More transparency into what they actually do.  Their 4-approach tactic is very vague.
  • General Takeaways
    • Relatable founders, sense of urgency, excellent content, highly visual, prominent, non-donation-based calls to action, diverse campaigns (spending), someone physical to fight against (Kony),

 Save Darfur

  • What do they do and how do they do it?
    • Save Darfur is an umbrella organization for over 100 independent organizations and nonprofits.  They provide education about the genocide happening in Darfur and promote advocacy via legislation and political pressure.  They do this by providing educational resources for their partners, organizing rallies and events, producing a tangible good (green bracelet), and writing and influencing legislation.
    • Why is it effective?
      • There is someone/something to fight against - Sudanese government, China, US investment banks, etc.
      • This fight is an urgent fight, since the war still rages on
      • Large celebrities speak as spokespeople
      • Mass activations draw a large amount of public attention
      • It’s very tragic and visual.  The “devils on horseback” are the enemy and are visualized coming into villages on horses with guns.
      • How could it be more effective?
        • Lack of ability to connect supporters’ action to benefit in Darfur.  We, nor the US, can’t really do anything to address the situation other than plead for international help.  Lack of relevant/connectable founder/face, as it relates to Gen-Y.  Needs more focus on design and a story.
        • General Takeaways
          • Save Darfur does a great job of producing political/legislative mass action.  They create events and activations that drive political outcomes fairly well.  They lack in their storytelling and Gen-Y relevance.  They could benefit in a facelift and more innovative ways to support/give.  They also do a great job of rallying high-touch celebrity supporters.

 Charity Water

  • What do they do and how do they do it?
    • Charity Water is a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries. 100% of all public donations directly fund water projects, and are proved by using photos and GPS coordinates on a map.
    • Why is it effective?
      • They do a tremendous job of tying your dollar to a project, and PROVING IT through the Dollars to Projects platform: http://mycharitywater.org/p/myprojectsview?project_id=ET.GOH.Q4.09.048.214
      • Prove it with Dollars
      • Prove it with Google Maps
      • They have a singular focus on birthdays, donate your birthday.  This is very easily understood and simple.
      • They remove the personal burden of donating by having others donate on your behalf.
      • They do a great job not only telling the story of the importance of water/safe water but they do it in a very visually relevant way.  The jerry can visual is very powerful.
      • They have high-profile product collaborations (Jambox, DoDo Case, Kor, etc)
      • They place a great amount of focus on visualizing their impact in terms of numbers and qualitative impact.
      • They provide clear instructions and pathways on how to get involved; from starting a campaign to providing media assets to share.
      • How could it be more effective?
        • They could add a level of experience/interaction in addition to their Dollars to Projects platform
        • They could involve their supporters in the projects in a more hands-on manner, rather than just photographs.
        • General Takeaways
          • Interesting quote from Scott Harrison, “For me, charity is practical. It's sometimes easy, more often inconvenient, but always necessary. It's the ability to use one's position of influence, relative wealth and power to affect lives for the better. charity is singular and achievable.”


  • What do they do and how do they do it?
    • During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces, in the US and around the world. With their Mo's, these men raise vital awareness and funds for men's health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.  Individuals grow a mustache and create a fundraising page where they personally recruit supporters/donors.  Participants can create and join teams and compete with others.  Prizes are allocated to top individuals and teams as it relates to their ability to fundraise.
    • Why is it effective?
      • the mustache is a provocative statement
      • it’s focused on a single month
      • there is individual user incentive to participate (prizes)
      • it’s a fun, witty, public display of support for cancer
      • it’s competitive; competition drives greater participation and involvement
      • They have considerable giving partners; Livestrong, Prostate Cancer Foundation, etc.
      • A user doesn’t have to donate to participate/fundraise


  • What do they do and how do they do it?
    • To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.  TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.
    • Why is it effective?
    • They build community, relationships, accountability
    • They are culturally relevant, heavily involved in social media, meets their audience where they are, which is online
    • Product sales. They netted 371K in donations but 1.9M in product sales



Below are 25 rough, unedited concepts for futher consideration and refinement.  


Letters: Students in the US will be asked to write letters to the students in Guatemala about a promise they've made to support the Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School, and why. Every letter from a US student will qualify as a $5 donation made by Barnse & Nobel.  And each individual will have the option of publishing their letter online at a central web destination.  Here users will be able to read the letters, vote on them and share them.  At the end of each month the most popular letter -- as determined by votes and shares -- will be given "x" award, and they will also be entered to win "y" grand prize at the end of the 6 months. 

Characters of Promise: In partnership with Instagram, users will be asked to take #selfies or portrait shots of themselves. The users will be asked to write a short, 140-character story about themselves and publish it on their Instagram feed with the hashtag #charactersofpromise. These portraits and stories will be pulled to a central website, www.charactersofpromise.org, and shown alongside the portraits and stories of the 97 students in Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School. Instagram will donate $1 for every photo uploaded with the 140-character personal story and #charactersofpromise hashtag.  

A connected classroom: A Connected Classroom is a campaign to bring students around the world in contact with the students and teachers from the Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School.  We will the Partner with 10 top tier universities from across the country to produce a online class about education in developing nations, using the Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School as the example. The class will be offered at a "pay what you can" sliding scale price, but a minimum donation of $10 will be suggested.

Students for Students: Students for Students is a campaign to unite America's classrooms with the future classrooms at the Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School.  We will partner with 100 high schools from across the country and select willing high school students at each school to rally their classmates to raise $10,000 for the Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School.  The top 5 fundraising high schools will also receive a $5,000 general grant for their school.

Dream Chalk: In partnership with CivicCenter.cc and a collection of street artists, we'll create a participatory street art campaign where buildings, telephone poles and community hubs across the country will be transformed into platforms to capture America's dreams. Every month for 6 months we will bomb a new city, hitting 12 cities in total.  At each city, these building walls, telephone poles and postcards in community hubs will have a portrait of one of the 97 students in the Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School and the phrase "My Dream Is…".  Each student's dream will be the leading example for everyone else to then write-in or call-in their dreams -- A Google telephone number will be created for the telephone pole and community hub posts for individuals to call-in and leave a message about what they dream they could do. A QR code on each building wall, telephone pole poster or community hub postcard will send the user to a donation page, where they can make a suggested donation of $25, in support of Guatemalan school.  Special PoP branded chalk packets will be sold through a distribution partner like Starbucks, as well, to drive awareness as well as sales.

100 students: for a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship to a university of their choice, 100 high school students from across the country will attempt to raise $10,000 each for students in need at the Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School.

Gather: On Google + we will create 100 Google Hangouts. Each Hangout will have a influential thinker.  This thinker will be making him or herself available to answer questions to a host of interested individuals. There will be a recommended $10 donation to join the Hangout.  All donations will go to the Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School.

Ed: A fictional character we create (build a Facebook page, Twitter profile and Instagram feed).  He's all about education. He is also particularly interested in this school in Guatemala. He talks bout each student; brings them to life; makes them real to us in America and around the world. He challenges us to help him help these students in Guatemala.

Essays: We partner with the Daily Beast or the NYT. We publish 97 essays by the 97 students in Guatemala. Each essay will be short, 500 words, but it will address the student's dream. These essays will then become street art.  Big and bold letters will be placed on the sides of buildings across major cities in the US.

Be Possible: We all have the ability to realize our potential; some of us have an easier road than others. Be Possible is a traditional campaign where 97 vignettes are made of the 97 students in the Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School. Jason Polluck, an influential documentarian will lead in the creation of the short vignettes.  Each vignette will be distributed through a network of influencers, the PoP Facebook and Twitter stream, etc… All vignettes will be around the themed "Be Possible". At the end of the video will be a call to action and a link to a donation page on the PoP website.

A Better Subject: Potential. We will talk about the traditional ed subjects -- math, science, literature, history, etc… -- and also talk about a more human subject; potential. We will then talk about the potential of the 97 students as well as their favorite subject. Fundraising mechanism is TBD.

$25: $25 USD educates a child in an emerging nation; $25 USD buys 2 movie tickets in the Los Angeles. $25 is a comparative campaign challenging high school and college students as well as young and established professionals in America to reconsider how they spend $25.

97 Great Promises: In partnership with Nook by Barnes and Nobel, we will create 97 Great Promises. A curated collection of 97 books -- written by a variety of international thought leaders -- that have influenced how we see education, poverty and fundamental human rights in our modern era by providing clear pathways and solutions.  We will also partner with a noteworthy book designer to make the collection unique to this campaign and PoP. Nook will make a matching donation for every book sold up to $1M.

Build: In partnership with LEGO, we will create an on and offline challenge where users will be asked to construct the two classrooms for the Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School.  For every LEGO used in the online experience, LEGO will donate $1.  Brick by brick, we will raise $1M for the Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School.

PoP Quiz: In partnership with ________, we will create an online quiz to educate participants about the global education achievement gap as well as the Guatemalan school -- This quiz will live on the partner's and POP's FB Timeline.  Each question will be fun but challenging.  We will also hide clues in a collection of supporting partner's and influencer's FB pages, Tumblr's, blogs and websites, where participants can go to uncover the answer to a specific question. Every time the quiz is completed ________ will contribute $5; if a participant completes the quiz with a 80% to 89% grade, _________ will contribute $10, a %90 to %99 grade  _________ will contribute $20 and a perfect score ____________ will contribute $50. Plus the individual with the perfect score will get the chance to visit the school in Guatemala

Ed-kits for Classrooms: When you're heading back to school, you need supplies; when you're building a school you need serious resources.  This year, instead of buying more than you need to go back to school, go to "EdKitsForClassrooms.org" to use some of that money to purchase a POP "Ed-kit for Classrooms": A collection of tools, supplies and human resources required to build 2 classrooms in the Guatemalan school. There will be three tiers: (1) $25 donation to purchase a backpack, binder, calculator, notebook and pencils and pens. (2) $50 donation to purchase books and classroom supplies (3) $100 donation to purchase classroom supplies as well as labor to build the classroom. Those that enter at the $25 level will be entered for a chance to win some POP merchandise, those that enter at the $50 level will be entered for a chance to win a $5000.00 grant for a public school of their choice and those that enter at the $100 level will be entered for a chance to win a trip to the finished classrooms in Guatemala

The Playground: At most elementary school playgrounds, you'll find students enthusiastically trying to make their way to the "A" square in any foursquare match. In partnership with ____________, ____________ will make a $1 contribution for every check-in a key high schools around the country up to $1M.  Online these check-ins will be made visible.  And the person with the most check-ins will make it to the "A" square, rising above the others in the "B", "C" and "D" squares.

97 videos: :15 spots will be created for each child at the school in Guatemala. These spots will capture the dreams of each child. A channel on YouTube will be made. Every view will result in $1 donated to build the classrooms.  Every comment made by a participant about their "dream" will also result in a $1 donation.  But every comment will be pushed to a central website, where all of our dreams are aggregated.  A visually compelling infographic will breakdown our world's collective dreams into categories, based on keywords.

Noteworthy: In collaboration with 12 well known street, graphic and fine artists we will create a unique PoP postcard.  These postcards will be available to purchase online at a special PoP store for $5. Once purchased the individual will be able to customize the message and send both a digital and real postcard to anyone they choose. To incentivize social proliferation of the postcard, the individuals who are able to get 20 of their friends to purchase and send a PoP postcard will entered for a chance to win a private performance by Justin Bieber.

Social ED: In partnership with Kred, an influence-based community, individuals with Kred can choose to have a brand make a donation to the PoP school in Guatemala, instead of giving them a unique promotional offer.  The individual can then amplify the Social ED inititiave by sharing the brand's benevolent gesture via their personal Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or G+ platforms.

Your New ID: Individuals will be able to go to a special PoP website where they can customize, purchase and receive a personalized PoP ID card, which will give them access to exclusive deals at Barnes & Noble and other PoP brand and influencer contributors. On the website, through the individual's computer camera, the individual will take a personalized photo or upload one of their own for their personal PoP ID card.  In addition, the individual can then customize the card's look and feel as well as certain written elements. But in order to create levels of importance and differentiation, individuals will be given three   Once finished, the individual will be shown three levels the user can choose from - Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Take A Seat: In collaboration with 97 different artists from around the country, we'll have them customize 97 classic high school desk chairs.  Each chair will then be auctioned on a PoP Ebay store.  We will ask for a minimum bid of $10,000.00.

Raise a Future: Raise a Future is a campaign to challenge high school and college students across the country to raise money for Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School by providing them with personal Raise a Future fundraising webpages, where they can drive friends and family to donate.  Personal fundraising will be incentivized by awarding the first 100 fundraisers to reach $10K with a special PoP gift.  The top 5 fundraisers will be awarded with a $2,500 educational grant and the top 3 will have the chance to fly to the Guatemalan school.  In addition, we will pair the individual fundraiser with a student from Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School, to create a more personal connection with the school. Letters will be exchanged, and potentially published on the fundraisers personal fundraising page.

Education Is…: Education Is… is a tiered campaign to crowdsource a global opinion of education, engage willing fundraisers and raise $1M for Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School. First, a range of key PoP influencers, like Sophia Bush, will co-produce micro "Education Is…" campaigns on their digital profiles (Website, blog, FB, Instagram, G+, Pinterest, Twitter, etc…) to start the public discourse. Then we will launch a central "Education Is…" website, where the global opinions of Education will be displayed.  Also on this website will be the opinions of the 97 students & 3 teachers from Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School.  Over the course of the month we will source 100 grass roots fundraisers to volunteer to raise $10K each for the Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School -- these fundraisers will also be paired with a PoP influencer.  Over the course of 3 months, they will work together to reach our $1M goal.

    1. Embeddable code in their website and blog, that will encourage their audience to submit their opinion in an "Education Is…" field
    2. Hashtags for Twitter and Instagram
    3. Pre-written posts for Facebook & G+
    4. Pre-designed graphical images for Pinterest

My Promise: My Promise is a matching donation campaign where a collection of already existing PoP contributors will make a promise to match the donations of other grass roots PoP contributors dollar for dollar (up to $10.000.00 USD). A central website will show the fundraising progress, milestones and our goal of $1M.  On this site, compelling profiles of the 97 Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School students will be displayed.  And below their images will be their promise. For example, "My promise is to use my education to become a teacher myself."  In addition, to more deeply engage our audience, there will be a field for anyone to submit their promise to the PoP community and to the students and teachers at Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School. 


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