Make Drawing Fun

Make Drawing Fun - student project

I am not a hand artist - I do mostly digital design, but I really want to enjoy drawing more, so this seemed like the perfect class. 


Honestly, I did have more fun than I thought I would. Since my skills aren't great, I was worried before I even started that I'd struggle, but Hayden did a great job putting me at ease. I can suck and that's okay :-P 


I made some cute blobs.

Make Drawing Fun - image 1 - student project


Turned my electric kettle into a man with scrawny arms, lol.

Make Drawing Fun - image 2 - student projectMake Drawing Fun - image 3 - student project

Made my canister filled with whisks into a bunny.

Make Drawing Fun - image 4 - student projectMake Drawing Fun - image 5 - student project

And used inspiration from the book I just read w/my daughter (Fish in a Tree) to create a coffee brand!

Make Drawing Fun - image 6 - student project

Really enjoyed this class. Thanks, Hayden!

Laurie Thomas

designer of a graphic sort