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Make Do And Mend

The phrase I chose for my project is "Make Do and Mend" because more and more, I find myself living by that. It's the original "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle", but with more vintage charm. It brings to mind all things domestic, simple, and comforting, so I want to bring that forth with this project.

Here is the moodboard I put together:

And here is my lettering warm-up:

I'm leaning towards the Representational and the Ornate for "Mend" right now. But, we'll see.

It's been awhile but I have what I think is my final sketch now, but I'm still thinking of making a few changes. I would love any feedback from others on my design. I'm still thinking I might want to incorporate some applique letters for the word "Mend", but I haven't decided yet.


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